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Blackhawk Regional is Looking For A New Director
If you love DI and want to help, the Blackhawk Regional is looking for a new Regional Director. Your main duty is to run the regional DI tournament. It is always great fun watching the students faces light up as they perform. If you have an interest, please contact  mary.bykowski@wisconsindi.org.

DI Is Going Digital
DI is trying to go green by providing almost all materials digitally. This means all challenges, brochures, etc. Please read their FAQ for more info HERE.

2018 Blackhawk Registration/Fees Info

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Interesting Article
While Appraising at Globals this year, I noticed a number of teams from Deerfield, IL and I wondered how they all got there, so I found an article from the Chicago Tribune that talked about them. Click Here.

Global Finals was an hectic adventure again. Although I was pretty much stuck at one site appraising 90 teams, I did get to see the Opening and Closing Ceremonies which were kind of neat.

Our regional sent five teams to Globals
and they made us proud. I only got to see one of the teams, because they were in the challenge I appraised. The Middleton team Charlie Commited the Crime placed 15th out of 90 total teams in the Unlikely Attraction challenge Middle Level. It was a good showing.

In the Improv Challenge, the 7 Unknown Donut Eaters from Sacred Hearts school finished in the upper third of their bracket. And the Exploding Heads team, also from Sacred Hearts, looks like they had a little trouble with Instant Challenge but did fairly well in the Central Challenge in the Engineering Challenge.

I was very interested how these next two teams were going to do because our regional has not supported teams for the Service Learning challenge the past couple years, but they did really well at Globals. The Team With No Name from Monona Grove finished a very respectable 20th in the Elementary Level of
 Inside Impact. And the DI Aces finished 19th in the secondary level of the same challenge.

Congratulations to all the teams.


How does it work?

Students form a team (2-7 members) and recruit a Team Manager (often a parent or teacher) who helps the team stay on track throughout the season, but does not directly help the team with its solution to the DI Challenge. After the team chooses their preferred DI Challenge (i.e., Technical, Scientific, Fine Arts), they then begin working on a solution to that Challenge. Students typically work on solutions for 2-4 months. Teams then have the opportunity to showcase their Challenge solutions to trained Appraisers at a tournament.

Most importantly, students will have fun learning throughout the process and gain confidence in their ability to solve any challenge. They will also learn 21st century skills (creativity,

critical thinking, collaboration, communication, citizenship and courage), step outside of their comfort zones to pursue ideas and make presentations, make new friends and build on their unique strengths.