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Blackhawk Regional Scores 2017

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I wish I could have been there!! The teams from our region did Wisconsin proud. We sent seven teams to Globals and all solutions exceeded what they did at State. From what I noticed in the results, the Chinese teams really put it together and took many of the top spots. Not to make excuses, but these teams do have a slight advantage because their local tournaments start earlier, and they can work on their Global solutions over a longer period of time.

But our teams showed they can compete with anyone. In the Scientific Challenge- Elementary Level, The Team With No Name  from Monona Grove School District finished 25th out 63 teams, not bad after being the fifth place team at the Wisconsin tournament. In the Middle Level
, the DI ACES from Middleton Cross Plains School District finished seventh out of 46 teams and can be congratulated on proving that a Wisconsin Wild Card team is just as good as any other team in the world. In the Secondary Level, Those People from Middleton High School finished 29th out of 75 teams. That is a pretty good showing for their first year at the secondary level.

In the Fine Arts Challenge - Elementary Level - Charlie Committed the Crime, from Middleton Cross Plains, finished 6th out of 50 teams. A big CONGRATULATIONS to you. In the Middle Level, Colorless Without A Clue from McFarland had a stellar finish being 12th out of 86 teams, an amazing finish for a team on their first trip to Globals.

In the Middle Level of the Improv Challenge, the DI Dominators from Sacred Hearts School from Sun Prairie also had a very respectable showing placing 18th out 80 teams. And also from Sacred Hearts, in the Middle Level Engineering Challenge, the DI of the Tiger team finished 6th out of 74 teams. And not only that but received a Spirit of DI Award from the appraisal team.

We congratulate all the teams, and hope everyone had a great time. Next year, I hope to be back at Globals and actually witness the great performances.

The Wisconsin State tournament that happened on April 8th was exciting as well as entertaining. From some points of view, even hectic, but was rewarding for all that attended. All our Blackhawk teams did well and some took home the ultimate prize. That is pretty good for a small regional like ours.

Some of the note worthy teams: In the Elementary Level of Top Secret (Scientific Challenge) The Team With No Name from Monona Grove finished 5th (this team earned one of the coveted Wild Card spots and is going to Globals), and the Doodely Strudelly Squad from Sacred Hearts finished 6th in a very crowded challenge level. Nice job. The DI of the Tigers from Waunakee finished in ninth out of 25 teams. In the Middle Level Top Secret, the DI ACES from Middleton Cross Plains finished fourth, but they also managed to receive a Wild Card invitation to Globals because of the overall quality of their performance. The Mysterious Mustaches of Kromrey MS finished a very respectable 6th out of 18 teams. And last but not least, Those People from Middleton High School finished first in Top Secret Secondary level and automatically earned a trip to Globals.

In the Fine Arts Challenge - Vanished!, the team Charlie Committed the Crime from Middleton Cross Plains took first in elementary level and got a trip to Globals. The team Nerdie Birdie placed 7th out of 23 teams. In the Middle level, the team Colorless Without a Clue from McFarland took second and got their chance to go to Globals. Very good indeed.

In the Improv Challenge - 3-Peat, The DI Dominators from Sacred Hearts finished third and also earned a trip to Globals.

In the Engineering Challenge - In It Together elementary level, the team Y'all Ready for This from Sacred Hearts finished fifth. In the middle level though, the team DI of the Tiger from Sacred Hearts school finished in thrid place and got one of the automatic bids for Globals.

Congratulations to all teams
that competed at State. You can see all the scores on the wisconsindi.org website.

How does it work?

Students form a team (2-7 members) and recruit a Team Manager (often a parent or teacher) who helps the team stay on track throughout the season, but does not directly help the team with its solution to the DI Challenge. After the team chooses their preferred DI Challenge (i.e., Technical, Scientific, Fine Arts), they then begin working on a solution to that Challenge. Students typically work on solutions for 2-4 months. Teams then have the opportunity to showcase their Challenge solutions to trained Appraisers at a tournament.

Most importantly, students will have fun learning throughout the process and gain confidence in their ability to solve any challenge. They will also learn 21st century skills (creativity,

critical thinking, collaboration, communication, citizenship and courage), step outside of their comfort zones to pursue ideas and make presentations, make new friends and build on their unique strengths.